Next Steps For SafeHaven Campus for Franklin County

(Washington Missouri – 11/16/2018)

In conjunction with the Community Council of Franklin County, plans are moving forward to positively effect poverty and homelessness. As part of a multi-faceted plan, creating the option for young people to have a debt free home, learn valuable job skills and continued education including soft skills. The Zephyr as its called starts with a steel shipping container.

Advantages of Building with Shipping Containers

Durability and Toughness. An often overlooked advantage of shipping containers is their durability and toughness, Flexibility (Off-Site Construction), Eco-Friendliness, Affordability and Fast to Build.

A group of business owners and organizations are banding together to provide not just the option of affordable housing, but education of Job Skills. The planned SafeHaven Campus and Learning Center is excited to have local businesses like Iron Bear Customs and  CEL Construction , which will join with others to build the 1st prototype of the Zephyr. Angela and Dave Wieda owners of Iron Bear Customs offered their facility on Hwy TT to build the 1st unit.  Angela Wieda commented “We want to be a part of seeing the young adults in our area have an opportunity to succeed through Safe Haven. Mentoring, learning trade skills and knowing they can work towards a home of their own is something many think is out of reach but with this program it can become a reality. That is a really great thing for the future of our community”  Clinton Lewis with CEL Construction in Labadie has been concerned about the widening skills gap, and challenges belief that a four-year degree is automatically the best path for the most people.

Looking to the future, we’re developing SafeHaven, a campus where young adults can learn a vocation and live rent-free.

Acting as a waypoint after high school, SafeHaven will position these at-risk youth for full-time work and fully independent lives. They’ll have the opportunity to learn skills such as:

  • Construction.
  • Welding.
  • Agriculture.
  • Aquaponics (an ultra-modern self-sustaining farming system).
  • Livestock development.
  • Landscaping.
  • Business management.

As part of their training, they’ll have the opportunity to benefit from these skills immediately. They’ll be able to eat and sell the food they grow and live on the campus they care for. And some will even be able to build their very own high-tech shipping-container homes.

Additionally, they’ll begin to learn the soft skills they need to survive in professional environments.

See This Prototype Video

 They’ll learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively.                                 
  • Make solid decisions.
  • Motivate themselves.
  • Lead others.
  • Solve problems.
  • Manage their time and money.


A Fresh Start

The SafeHaven campus is a fantastic facility. Though still in development, it already boasts residential and meeting spaces, a gymnasium, a pond, and other necessary features.

And just this year, SafeKids secured over $143,000 in funding to gain the full use of the SafeHaven campus. We’ve collected food for people in need, hosted training seminars, and started updating the grounds.

But the campus is not yet ready to receive students. We need equipment and funding to train our young people. We need to hire staff to turn SafeHaven into a self-sustaining resource for our youth and our community as a whole.  Over the next few years Jireh Ministries goal is to raise $3.5 million to invest in Franklin County.

You Can Help Build SafeHaven

There are many ways to help SafeKids build SafeHaven.

There’s a lot of work to do if we want to help underprivileged young adults in Franklin County. Consider how you might lend a hand today.

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