Franklin County churches to use technology to help local foster kids


Franklin County CarePortal technology platform officially went live Monday April 1st 2019.  The goal is serving at-risk children and saving tax dollars. Currently 12 churches are enrolled across Franklin County, but more are needed.

This technology will connect foster children and at-risk families in Franklin County to churches willing to help.


439 children have been served in Foster Care during October 2017 through September 2018 in Franklin County. Jireh Ministries a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit, will partner with the Missouri Department of Social Services to implement the technology designed to serve these children and serve foster children and families in crisis.

CarePortal connects families with the greatest need to churches with the ability to help. Mark Moebius, President of Jireh Ministries, will be the main point of contact for local churches and child welfare employees who participate.

“We learned about CarePortal just over 6 months ago and knew immediately that we needed to bring it to Franklin County. Franklin County is the 2nd largest county and our SafeKids program is meeting the needs of the over 4000 unattended youth,” Moebius said. “In the 16 states where CarePortal is already active, there has been a significant reduction of the number of kids coming into foster care, as churches in those states have intervened to serve children and families in crisis in their communities. We want to see that impact here in New York and are confident we will as churches and local child welfare agencies utilize CarePortal.”

Here is how it works: An employee Franklin County MDSS will sign into and share a need. Common requests in other states include beds, clothing, school supplies, bus passes and car seats. Using geo-radius technology, CarePortal will distribute the request via email to nearby churches who sign up to serve their community. The responding church or group of churches will then work with the caseworker to provide what is needed. Sometimes these requests support children in foster or kinship care placements, while others help children remain with their biological families.

“So many times, my job is a struggle,” said Moebius “There are times when I know a family needs more help than we can give. It will be a huge blessing to tell a mom, ‘We can get you help from the community.’”

“We recognize the importance of community and faith-based partnerships to meet the needs of the children and families in our county,” said Moebius. “That together we can do so much more than we can do alone, and we are excited that CarePortal is supporting our efforts to help families in crisis, children in the foster care system and the foster families who are caring for them.”

Churches interested in joining the CarePortal community in serving at-risk children can start that process at or by emailing

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