First Washington United Methodist Church Delivers Comfort and Love

Delivering Comfort and Love To Kids

First Washington United Methodist Church answered the call from SafeKids of Franklin County. SafeKids has 12 bedrooms ready for emergency housing, but only one issue…they needed bedding.  One call to Pastor Troy Merseal at First Washington United Methodist Church and the congregation got busy. in a few short days they delivered over 20 sets of bedding, pillows and more. “It’s such a blessing to see how the Church can move in ways no other entity can” said Mark Moebius President of Jireh Ministries and SafeKids of Franklin County. To be able to reach out to Pastor Troy and get an almost immediate response of love and caring. Imagine having your whole life turned upside down and to be able to come to one of our safe locations and finding a soft bed with inviting bed covers. It’s those messages of love that make a world of difference to a youth in need


SafeKids Is Developing SafeHaven, a State-of-the-Art Training Center for Low-Income Youth

Franklin County Needs a SafeHaven

Imagine a place where young adults who grew up in extreme poverty or an unstable home can get a jump-start on the rest of their life.A campus where they can live rent-free while gaining some of the valuable skills needed for our county’s economy.A program that teaches in-demand trades and the “soft skills” necessary for a successful and productive life.

At SafeKids of Franklin County, we temporarily acquired 130 developed acres in Dutzow (formerly known as Camp RockyVine). We have already begun transforming it into SafeHaven, a career training center for Franklin County’s underprivileged youth.

Care for Franklin County – CarePortal

First Washington United Methodist Church also joined with many other churches across the county to meet the ongoing needs of the Foster Care System and Missouri Department of Social Services. CarePortal brings the needs of hurting children and families in your community to your attention. Child welfare workers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond.
Enrollment for churches is currently underway. On March 2nd CarePortal will launch for Franklin County with Jireh Ministries the implementing partner. Get Launch Information.

If you want to encourage your church to take part click here.

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