A Place to Call Home in Franklin County

A Place to Call Home

“Unattended youth,” the hidden homeless in Franklin County, are sleeping on friends’ couches, in cars, or in the woods.

But these savvy kids are committed to keeping up appearances. One would never guess they are doing their best to escape an unsafe household.

These are good teenagers who are trying to stay in school and out of trouble. But they need a place to stay. They need room, board, and stability.

They need a home.

Since 2013, SafeKids has been matching homeless teens with HostFamilies, giving food, shelter, and love to kids with nowhere else to go. They are heroes in our community, and we always need more of them.

Good Kids in a Bad Situation


The young people in the SafeKids program are not the kids who belong in “the system.” We have strict guidelines:

  • SafeKids pass a drug test.
  • SafeKids are doing their best in school.
  • SafeKids (who are old enough) either have a job or are looking for one.


These are good kids, but that’s not all.


They’ve lived in fear. Maybe their guardians were abusive. Maybe they’ve never known stability. Maybe they don’t understand what it’s like to live in a loving and balanced environment.


Maybe they need someone like you.


A Safe Place to Land


HostFamilies come in many different forms. They are:

  • Homes with children.
  • Homes without children.
  • Foster care families.
  • Empty nesters.


We have an application process for HostFamilies to ensure we make the right choices for the family and the child.


And depending on your ability or interest, there are two ways to serve in this capacity.


Respite Care

Taylors House provides  short term care. Through youth leaving Taylor’s House (our respite center) catch a glimpse of normal life, collect themselves, and prepare for what comes next.

Some will return to their families. Some will move on to a Long-Term Care Family.


Long-Term Care

In Long-Term Care, which lasts between two weeks and two years, a family begins to build a relationship with the teen living in their home.

Though Long-Term Care is not always easy, it’s rewarding. It gives you the chance to share life with someone who may become as important to you as you are to them.


We Make It Safe. We Make It Manageable.

Though the thought of having a stranger come and live with you may seem scary at the outset, the SafeKids support system is there for you and the child.

  • We provide trained counselors for both HostFamily and the teen they care for.



  • We help coordinate funding for school supplies, academic costs, and even formal attire for school dances.
  • We supply teens with job opportunities so they can begin to learn responsibility and develop a sense of self-sufficiency.


Can You Give a Homeless Youth a Place to Call Home?

HostFamilies provide so much more than room and board. They provide:

  • A model for love and responsibility.
  • A community to lean on.
  • A refuge from the storms of life.

Can you open up your home to a homeless teen?


All it takes is a little extra space in your house and your life. Whether you feel like you’re able to be a Care72 Family or a Long-Term Home, we’d love to hear from you.

Please give SafeKids a call at (636) 364-8112. Or send an email to safekidsmo@gmail.com with the subject, “Tell me about becoming a HostFamily.”

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